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Building a career is more than just landing a great job. The traditional career has become obsolete. A person can no longer count on getting hired and promoted through the ranks of an organization. Career management now requires careful planning, establishing strategic goals and the use of professional expertise. The CS Team has helped thousands of professionals like you reach their career potential.

We all have great career aspirations, but sometimes we lack the expertise or strategy in career development to make it happen. Often, career development requires a career change.

  • Do you have the professional skills and a clearly defined strategy to optimize your Career Development?
  • Do you understand the changing dynamics of today's job market and what this means for you?
  • Do you have the tools to be effective in today's highly competitive job market?
  • Do you know how to better maximize your skill set for Career Development?
  • Do you have the correct Internet Identity for your career?
  • Are you prepared to articulate your value to a prospective employer?

If you do not have the answers to these questions, know that you are not alone. Many successful professionals and executives have the drive to shift their careers into high gear, but it is the individual who develops and implements a focused, strategic career management plan who will reach the top. Only through professional career management does this occur.

This is where The CS Team's expertise and ability to provide professional career management comes into play. Our career consultants work with professionals and executives through all stages of their career development. The CS Team will guide and work with you every step of the way, taking your career to the next level. Providing training needed to develop critical skills and the strategy necessary to optimize your career development is the task The CS Team is ready to undertake.

To get started, click on the area that best describes you:


  • Professional – Are you in the early phases of your career development, looking to advance to the next level? Career Management is necessary to move your career forward, to position you for advancement, and optimize a career change.

  • Management – Do you have management experience with the goal of reaching senior level or beyond? If not, career development through quality career coaching is required. Learn important negotiating skills with the guidance of our career coaches.

  • Executive – Are you a C-level professional (CEO, CFO, CIO) seeking the position that will define or complete a successful career? Executive coaching will maximize your potential and prepare you for the challenges of an executive, for important negotiations and for making a career change when you are ready to make that next step.


  • Outplacement – Are you with a company looking to transition former employees following a layoff? Our career coaches will engage them in the career development process that is needed and prepare them for their next position or for a career change.

  • Management Program – Would your company benefit from group management training or teambuilding? Career coaching builds upon existing skills to further develop and enhance a person's management ability and effectiveness. This training will help your team make significant gains. Executive coaching and management level training will help maximize a person's career potential and enable a team to improve employee interaction and productivity.

  • Executive Coaching – Are you interested in helping your executives refine their skills to become more effective and successful? Through Executive coaching, your executives will learn to achieve positive results for the team, while maximizing their career potential.

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