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The CS Team recognizes that as a manager, you will occasionally have to deal with the unfortunate task of terminating or laying off an employee. Job loss can be difficult for employees and the manager handling the situation. When dealt with properly employees easily transition into the next chapter in their careers, while managers have peace of mind that the situation was handled with professionalism and care. The CS Team outplacement consulting can make that happen.

Our career consultants specialize in outplacement services, helping companies through the entire process of employee terminations or layoffs. Through outplacement coaching The CS Team ensures managers are carefully trained and know how to handle the situation properly, making the process efficient and treating employees with consideration and respect. Following termination we utilize other outplacement services to help employees evaluate their skills, define their career goals, and secure new, rewarding positions.

Job loss is difficult for everyone involved. Make sure your company gets professional help to handle the process appropriately, reduce liability, and help employees get back on track to the rewarding career they want. The CS Team provides a dedicated team of experts to help your company every step of the way. To learn more, contact us us about our outplacement services.

"The CS Team understands that every company's situation is different. That's why our state-of-the-art outplacement services are customized according to your needs and the needs of those leaving the company. We have developed programs that effectively provide one-on-one services to your outplaced staff as well as providing internet tools to make the process efficient and effective. Outplacement coaching and outplacement consulting can make the difference."

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