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 The CS Team helped me with my recent job research. They have extremely effective method of guiding candidates through the hiring process. Out of four applications I submitted in the beginning of January I received three immediate responses and invitations to interviews. Two of them were carried over to the top final selection where employer was choosing between me and another candidate. One of them resulted with a job offer which I accepted, however the other one is still possible! The CS team has guided me by hand through every step of the process starting from initial research, preparation of marketing documents, and interviews ending with final salary negotiations. I encourage everyone to use their services. I wouldn't have made it without The CS Team!

The thing that the CSTeam particularly excels at is preparation of interviewing. They can help with your resume, and build a great internet prescence for you, but it is the interviewing prep at which the do particularly well.

Chris C. “The skills I learned with the CS Group that I previously thought I didn’t need have proven invaluable and it will stick with me forever.”

Adam P. “The process really works! After over a decade in the military, I was unsure of how to get my foot in the door and get noticed by a company. The CS Team’s system of researching the hiring managers and mailing your resume directly to them did not fail. This was the front runner company for me from when I found them in the database, and through the CS Team’s coaching I landed the position I wanted.”

Craig W. “Jerry has been a great resource. She has helped me approach this career transition with an understanding of how I appear and how that may not contrast with my perception. Resume review and enhancement helped my search efforts tremendously.”

Mija C. “…You were a great resource to have on my side.”

Marc M. “This is the perfect job. Small in staff numbers and family oriented company. Gross income is 2.5 million. I produced after starting part-time as the accountant that performed reconciliation, collections, marketing, and setting operations procedure. After the office manager resigned I moved into a full time position.” Matt T. “Wanda did great! Most was around business development and networking. Working with Wanda locally in Colorado Springs freed up time to generate more business.” Lisa O. “Getting clear with Wanda what I wanted helped tremendously. Wanda was never judgmental and was energizing and a delight. I am 64 years old and wanted to change careers. I am thrilled to have improved my commute reducing it from 34 miles a day down to 15 miles. I do not have to get on the highway. The resources at the College for teaching are incredible.”

Kristin M. “What Jerry helped me customize had everything I want…flexibility, pay commensurate with my experience, and the opportunity to be involved with companies I greatly admire…in the future, I may focus on one or the other…OR…may continue to play a role with both companies…and will still have time to play tennis, garden and travel. I got exactly what I was hoping for, and out of the gates, I wasn’t sure this was even possible.”

Lisa K. “My experience with the CSTeam has been invaluable. I found the most benefit in the pre interview---it not only helped with the actual questions, but reframed my thinking so I could answer any question that came my way. The creativeness and inspiration provided by my coach really helped when things were slow and definitely kept me going. I was inspired to try new things, attend new events, and meet new people on a consistent basis. She really helped me make good smart decisions and in the end I have landed in a perfect role, at a perfect company for me. Thank you so much for everything!”

Robert S. “In my few meetings with Jerry, I was impressed with her level of dedication to helping her clients. I was also impressed with her level of professionalism and prompt fallow up. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking advice or training on career management, resume building, or interviewing skills.”

I hired the CS Team to provide assistance with finding a new position in the Denver area. I was given constant support and professional guidance during every aspect of the process. It was the personal attention given by the staff that was the key factor in my success in finding the right position for me. Thanks to everyone.


 The CS Team assisted across many fronts during my job search. Many of their recommendations, once put in use, resulted in positive responses from my prospective employers. Their assistance from through all stages of the search (building a summary of qualifications, method of employer reach out, prepping for the interview, the interview itself and follow up) all resulted in a professional approach that resulted in 3 competing job offers from which to choose.

 I had an experience at the CS Team that impacted my job search in a very positive way. I received information from the company I did not already know that is guiding me to find a better job in a very tough job market. I was not simply provided with this critical information; The CS Team has been coaching me in my execution of a better plan to find employment every step of the way. This has included encouragement and sometimes a bit of tough love when necessary. The firm also completely revamped my resume and my online presence for the business community. I went from a place of just spinning my wheels to finding traction and getting things accomplished. If you are looking for a firm that will do everything for you the CSteam is not that place. However, if you believe in yourself and are looking for a place that will engage your talents and give you every tool you need to succeed in your job search I highly recommend the CS Team.

 The most valuable elements of the team's process were the resume written by The CS Team and your assistance helping me prepare for the various interviews I had. You really stayed on top of things with me... great job!

 I worked with The CS Team to assist with a career change. Your feedback was invaluable in helping me assess a new career path, new objectives and I'm happy to say, a new career.

 The CS Team insight into changing the way I thought about my career skills was instrumental in helping me make a significant advancement in both position and salary. The CS Team staff is very personable, an excellent communicator, writer and visionary. I highly recommend The CS Team for anyone who is looking for professional assistance in getting to the top of their game.

 I hired The CS Team to guide me in my career search. Your expertise was vital to my success. You provided the focus, tools and insight into my skills that enabled me to present myself in the best possible light and I highly recommend him to anyone needing such assistance..

 I had the opportunity to work with The CS Team over the past couple months. I had been in a particular industry for 21 years and really wanted to branch out to something new. The CS Team was very quickly able to learn about who I am. As a result they were able to provide me with great advice. The tools provided me were top notch. In addition to the tools, they really provided me with out of the box ideas. They told me if I followed their advice I would be happy with the results. I did just that and because of the advice given I was very quickly able to find a great position at an amazing company. Thank you !!!

 The CS Team has been an invaluable resource for me.  I would certainly recommend them to anyone with a serious desire to find a new career path.  Today’s job candidates must be well prepared, and The CS Team helped me extensively with all aspects of the candidate readiness process. 

 The knowledge that I gained helped get a position that I wanted and provided me the confidence I needed to be an effective manager from day one. 

 Position was created for me.  I am  now responsible for a National Team.  I received three strong offers all within 2 weeks, accepted and turned down one after choosing to go with XXXX. 


 The continued coaching kept me focused and working towards my goal.  You did not let me stop and this is what got me the JOB.


 The career path I chose was more enriched with her, and certainly a decision I do not regret. If you are on the fence about sharing deeply personal career advice with someone you don't know (like I did), I guaranty you'll feel differently after talking once with Jerry.


 I had been stuck in the "new career search rut" for too long. Once I teamed up with Jerry, my luck changed quickly and drastically. It wasn't luck though - it was the coaching and guidance I received from Jerry. Under her tutelage, I made huge gains in confidence and gained valuable knowledge in how to market myself in a crowded market. Jerry also proved to be an efficient "task master" and kept me motivated and on-point. I would recommend Jerry to anyone who needs help making a career change.




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